Tweed Style

In the early 1900s, we released sack jackets, gilets, and trousers made in-house as French workwear in classic nep tweed.
Although there are variations one by one, the early century vintage wear with high rarity value is all nostalgic and chic items.

The tweed material this time is beige brown and gray with a calm color that contains nep, but it is also tasteful.
It does not have the crisp texture of tweed, but is finished with a soft and worn texture thanks to a special washing process.
You can feel the goodness of the texture and the feeling that fits your body every time you wear it.

Not only can it be worn as an authentic 3P, but it also goes well with various casual wear such as denim.

Lot.2011 / Classic Wool Tweed Blazer

Lot.2012 / Classic Wool Peasant Gilet

Lot.1115 / Classic Wool Tweed Trousers

The blazer does not have the formality of a jacket style,
If you put it through the sleeves, it is an ideal piece that is light and warm like a cardigan.

The gilet characterized by the front curve seen in antique vests
The back has a cotton herringbone and a waist adjustment strap.
The relaxed silhouette makes it useful for middle layers.

Tweed trousers with vintage French clothing details.
You can fully feel the good silhouette with the shirt tuck-in style with suspenders.

The design specs make it easy to mix and match even when worn alone, so why not enjoy coordinating with your own items?