Flatseam Heavyweight T Shirt

Fullcount's standard T-shirt is the item number 5222.

5222 series
Like the denim, this item also has a silhouette that has been produced since the company's establishment.

About the fabric

Unlike the universal jersey knitted fabric, this T-shirt has a round body and feels soft and slippery when first opened, but the finished product is heavyweight.
After washing, the fabric becomes stiff and dry to the touch, but after wearing it for a while, it becomes soft and comfortable again.
The fabric easily conforms to the body, and the silhouette is different from that of a typical T-shirt.


About sewing

The sewing process is called flat seaming, which is a sewing method that is rarely seen today and is often seen on vintage T-shirts and sweatshirts.
Flat seaming is a sewing method in which the seams are flattened when sewing fabrics together in order to reduce the risk of loose fitting.
In other words, it improves comfort by flattening the part of the fabric that touches the skin.
However, only a limited number of craftsmen can handle this sewing method, which requires complicated adjustments to the sewing machine, the use of a vintage sewing machine, and more time and effort than a regular two-needle or three-needle machine, but the comfort created by this time and effort provides the best fit of any T-shirt.

5222 Series