New classic denim [11.5oz Super Smooth] released!

2024 SS will see the release of a new denim from Fullcount that exceeds even the comfort of our classic and much-loved 13.7oz flagship denim.

Since its founding, Fullcount has tirelessly pursued the manufacture of jeans with the ultimate combination of comfort and fading characterstics, and we have been working closely with the local craftsmen since 1995 to maintain the quality of our classic 13.7oz denim. At the same time, we have also been working on a denim that might be able to match or even exceed the quality and feel of our original fabric.

It's been 13 years since the release of our last denim, the 15.5oz "XX" series, and we are pleased to announce that our 3rd flagship denim is now ready.

Super smooth

The name of this new denim series is "SS", and despite its relatively low weight of 11.5oz, you can still enjoy stellar handfeel and ageing potential, all while feeling like you're not really wearing denim at all.

By using our conventional #7 warp yarn and #10 weft yarn to the reduce the stress felt against the skin, this fabric feels light and yet maintains remarkable texture and heat-retaining properties. This also allows us to use extremely slow weaving speeds which gives the denim a much fuller feel than its weight might suggest.

super smooth

This denim was only made possible by the untiring efforts and unparalleled experience of our local craftsmen who have been involved in shuttle-loomed denim production for over 30 years. This is truly denim that will not, and indeed cannot, be imitated.

But don't take our word for it - this is something you need to experience for yourself.

super smooth

0105SS Wide Denim(Super Smooth)

1341-0105SS Wide Denim (Super Smooth)

2107SS Type1 Denim Jacket (Super Smooth)

2978-2107SS Type1 Denim Jacket (Super Smooth)