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Fullcount Sweat Shirt history.

3741 -Double V Set In Sleeve Mother Cotton-

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We have produced Loopwheel Sweat Shirt as knwon as Tsuriami since Established.
Circular and loopwheel as our core production of cut & sewn.
As with the concept that created denim, it turned out that hanging knitted sweatshirts came to the fore in pursuit of the durability and comfort of the good old sweatshirts of the 1940s and 1950s.

Like jeans, Fullcount hanging knitted sweatshirts are a product that we have been making since our founding. Only this hanging knitting machine can make a product that gives the sweatshirt the same comfort as Fullcount`s denim.
Zimbabwe cotton fiber length and strength, which are the characteristics of denim, the oil content of cotton, and the weaving method that makes the most of these characteristics, the speed of the power loom continues to weave slowly with a weaker tension than other looms. I will. The softness you can enjoy by wearing it creates the best wearing comfort of any denim fabric.
It's not just Zimbabwean cotton that's soft and comfortable to wear, but why our denim is good is the result of a sensible way of spinning and weaving the characteristics of cotton.
Just as our denim can only be produced on a power loom, sweatshirts can only be produced on a hanging knitting machine.

The hanging knitting machine can knit only about 10m a day, and the sinker knitting machine produces 15 to 20 times as much. Sinker knitting machines are suitable for mass production, and the prices of T-shirts and sweatshirts have become cheaper. However, when knitting, the yarn is pulled and knitted at high speed, which puts a heavy burden on the fabric and leads to a decrease in quality.
Actually, the lengths of the front yarn and the middle yarn are different between the sinker knitted fabric and the hanging knitted fabric, and the middle yarn length is shorter than the hanging knitted fabric in the sinker knitted fabric, so the middle yarn breaks first when a load is applied. I will end up. As a result, the durability and elasticity are also inferior to those of the hanging knitted fabric. Compared to hanging knitted fabrics that expand and contract vertically and horizontally, sinker knitted fabrics that expand and contract only vertically are said to be about half as durable.

The maintenance of the gear with the complicated structure of the hanging knitting machine is also a fairly delicate knitting machine, such as cleaning and inspecting once an hour, and the existing knitting machine is very valuable with low productivity at present, which is almost only in Wakayama, Japan. You can see that it is a knitting machine.

Since the yarn itself is knitted without tension, it is knitted softly and naturally while containing air like a power loom, and because of the weak tension, the amount of yarn used is large and the durability is increased, which is very valuable.
In addition, sweatshirts usually have a post-dyeing process in which the knitted fabric is cut in the production process, sewn, and then dyed or printed.
our sweatshirts use Zimbabwe cotton yarn dyed yarn and coarsely ground heather yarn for the front yarn. Furthermore, since the back yarn is made of strong uneven yarn of brown cotton (raw cotton), which is also produced in Zimbabwe and has a low yield, you can feel the original softness and softness of cotton.
Roughly brushed round, which is close to manual work, the high temperature washing process is done with an old-fashioned wins machine, and the drying process is also done with a large gas tumbler, giving it an atmosphere that has been finished over time. ..
In addition to the rare fabric that is simply a hanging knitted sweat fabric, the characteristics of Zimbabwe cotton, which is a high-class cotton, increase the familiarity and texture after wearing, and the more you wash it, the softer it becomes. I made up.

The sewing is full of details such as union special four-needle flat seam sewing, random needle milling cutter, and half-bias needle milling cutter around the neck.

Please experience the Fullcount sweatshirts that we were able to create in exchange for inefficiency.

Loopwheel Sweat